Admiral Byrd Diary

Admiral Byrd Diary


Admiral Byrd Diary

Section 1000 Hours > 1005Hours

He waits a full 5 minutes to report this miraculously incredible discovery to base camp.

NO reply is given, such as HOLD location until further orders as one would expect in such an event and IF Byrd was not the senior officer for the operation.

I suspect that he would not have been the senior officer at "base Camp" because Byrd was only visiting the base, not stationed there.

Plus, if he crashed, there would be no UP chain of command to report events to, and the military likes chains of command.

And besides, there is always a "Base Commander".


What is also very interesting, is the wording. It is future tense and not Past tense as it should be.

WHO would write something of this staggeringly massive magnitude in their Diary and THEN pick up their Mic and report back to base??? (perhaps a movie script writer?)

:: Report this to base camp  


  • Not "reportED" this to base camp
  • Not CONTACT-ED base camp and advised of this amazing discovery
  • NO excitement
  • Not contacted base camp and advised of discovery, they are very excited... ???
  • NO actual contact to base camp at all, simply the "off the cuff" (throw away) line "Report this to base camp"

This line would cause most readers to "ass-u-me" that Byrd "spoke" with base camp when in fact the tense the wording is given in implies something else.

This implies to refer to an event to do in the future as it is written in future tense.

IF he did not make contact with base camp, why is no reference given or noted ?

It is not like he was chatting on his cell phone and did not have time to do data entry on such a boring expedition.

What is even more remarkable...

Indeed, imagine that you have discovered a Green Valley with animals, grass etc and you simply write "report this to base camp", are you telling me that the radio-dude at base camp is just going to say "Duh, Oh K, So you found a green valley with extinct animals in the middle of the South Pole." ... and then just sits there drinking coffee and smokin a joint ?

Seriously, This would not have been a case of Shakespeare's "Much ado about nothing".

This was a scientific (albeit military) exercise.

Such a major scientific discovery by someone with Admiral Byrd's credentials and reputation, would have blown the wind up the skirt of anyone back at camp waiting to receive any information from the plane.

They had NO TV and NO Internet so any form of communication in those days would have been greeted with massive excitement.

Living at the south pole would be like watching snow fall, which is a lot like watching grass grow. Boring as c.r.a.p. after the first 2 minutes.

Byrd discovers green hills with large animals in the middle of all of the snow and ice, yet is almost totally ambivalent about the discovery.

Anyone else see a problem with this?

Admiral Byrd Diary  
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