Admiral Byrd Diary

Admiral Byrd Diary


Admiral Byrd Diary

Section 1135 Hours > 1140 Hours

:: Nordic or Germanic accent  


Pllllllleasssssssssssssssseeee, How stupid do you think people are. Talk about a Hollow earth conspiracy theory.

This contact is supposedly with a (race) or group of people who have been supposedly isolated from us (the rest of the world) for supposedly many thousands of years, their words not mine. Yet they have German accents.

Just look at the evolution of ANY language over the centuries to see how they have changed dramatically even just within a few hundred years. ENGLISH for example is comprised of olde English, Celtic-Gaelic, Welsh, massive doses of French, German, Espanol, and especially Dutch. Then you can also throw in several hundred nordic words as well.

FYI: The word Barbecue is taken from the Central American people called the Tiano's word "Barbacoa" meaning Fire Pit. Anaconda was a Tiano Queen until murdered by the barbaric spanish along with all of her people including men, women and all of the children.

A little known fact, by way of example, is that in Holland (Netherlands) most of the villages in the 20th century still had their own dialects. As well as speaking "high" Dutch or what is referred to as "Common Dutch", this whole country had their own "side version" of the Dutch language.

The same applied across Europe and most other "old" countries like India, East Asia, Africa etc, and most European towns were the same until the advent of world wars 1 and 2, then people were re-kneaded like dough, and many of these dialects vanished almost overnight thanks to integrated Govt education caused by the wars forcing sovereign unity.

On that note: These "nordic or German" sounding people may just as well have been Jewish since most European Jews spoke Yiddish which is a variation of German for those who do not know. Again my point is that IF they were indeed Jews speaking Yiddish, why did they allow pogroms and the holocaust to occur ?

As far as gutterals go (eg: Loch in Scottish is pronounced different from LOCK)

Here is another major anomaly.

:: We shall land you in exactly seven minutes.  


Byrd is in the "Tractor Beam" (tractor beam are my words) for 7 FULL MINUTES (just to be explicitly precise) to travel what appears to be a rather short distance.

Since these "ufo" craft use anti-matter to create electronic field distortion pulse waves in front of themselves, effectively causing "space" to move "around" them, there is no G-forces involved.

No anti-inertia required.

So my question is: WHY did it take So long to travel such a short distance ?

Admiral Byrd Diary

FYI re Anti-Matter

Where do they get anti-matter from ?

The answer is quite simple. It readily comes from the lightning in thunderstorms. WHAT do you think causes the thunder?

If the bullshit we get fed about how the lightning agitates the ions then why is there NO thunder when you shine a laser beam into a cloud ? A laser beam is light caused by electricity, very similar to lightning.

It is the anti-matter explosions which CAUSE The lightning to change direction so often whilst traveling at light speed.

WHAT else could change the direction of light ?

and How else can you explain the recent discovery of anti matter surrounding the earth. | Google it

The Distance

So why did it take so long to travel such a short distance ???

Some UFO's have been clocked at exceeding several thousand miles in literally seconds, and then doing left or right angle turns, so traveling even 10 or 20 miles would have required a matter of seconds and not the 7 minutes as described.

  • He is within view OF the city and yet it takes him 7 MINUTES to land.
  • Please note how articulate The Writer is regarding TIME, yet he fails to mention the departure time FROM the city back to base camp.
  • He does mention that they traveled at "very rapid rate" when they departed.
Admiral Byrd Diary  
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