Admiral Byrd Diary

Admiral Byrd Diary


Admiral Byrd Diary

Section 1145 Hours

Part 1

:: I am making a hasty last entry in the flight log.  


What a load of .....C***

The guy is a totally missionary position military man, he sees UFO's and gets tractor beamed for 7 minutes within the same few minutes.

He has 7 full minutes to land and when he eventually does land, several "MEN" approach him as he sits in his plane (the ONLY thing which his mind can relate to as real BTW, everything else is according to The Writer, is straight out a Sci-Fi novel and IN color).

He must have been completely Freaked.


  • The guy is tractor beamed for 7 FULL minutes
  • the Plane AUTO lands (minus landing gear) and
  • he waits until AFTER he lands before
  • using up valuable time writing the following ( time wasting) statement "I am making a hasty last entry in the flight log"

:: Have no fear, Admiral, you are to have an audience with the Master ...  


Fuhrer, Master, see any sort of parallel here ? Perhaps I am drawing a very long bow here but ... remember the german accents...


WHY would An advanced civilization only allow him access to 1 supposed supreme being, surely the absolute object of democracy is to have an ODD numbered council.

Such an important meeting would have warranted such a meeting of the "council" (unless they had a previous golf engagement ?) to convey the importance of the message instead of just 1 MASTER. (Perhaps this is/was a psychological oversight by the re-writers as they would have had the fuhrer concept on their tiny brains or were being dictated to by a superior as I suspect was the case.)

The other points to consider here is that Byrd was a "primitive" to these "people", yet they allowed their leader (president) to have a 1 on 1 chat with no mention of security guards in case Byrd flew off the handle and went nuts and attacked their supreme leader.

Point 2 is that there is no mention of searching Byrd for weapons, guns, knives, rubber bands etc.

:: you are in the domain of the Arianni, the Inner World of the Earth  


Firstly, Byrd should have congratulated them on their English skills.

Yet he fails to be impressed by the fact that they actually do speak a language he understands.

Like in StarGate and StarTrek, whatever planet they go to, everyone speaks english.

Kind of makes me wonder why Hollywood did not pick up on this early franchise opportunity?

  • WHY the f.u.q. would they specifically state that they were ARIANNI
  • This is so BS
  • Ariani = Aryan
  • REF: 11:45 They are tall with blond hair. (blatant ref to nazi ideology here)

Can this "ARIANI" reference be any more shallower that it is.


The true aryans are actually more persian than blonde (Iran and Aryan have the same root) which kinda shoots the blue eyed, blonde hair bit in the sphincter.

:: atomic bombs over Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan  


It is amazing how well versed in our topography, countries and city names this guy is???

Surely the FIRST nuke test at Alamagordo NM would have alerted this superior race to the fact we humans were playing in the nuclear sandpit and caused them to take affirmative action long before Nagasaki and Hiroshima occurred ???

Yet no mention of Alamagordo. Curious.

I mean, Since they are SO concerned about Nukes and all.


They did not seem concerned at the French doing dozens of NUKE tests in the (South Polynesian) Bikini Islands even though the nuclear radiation fallout which went up into the upper atmosphere, also encompassed the south pole.

The french also did over 41 "atmospheric" tests and many more underground at Mururoa Atoll.

Thank you, you french bastards for fuking up our Ozone and atmosphere. [Gamma Rays]

Surely this would have pissed off the ariani no end, yet what did we hear ???


:: The Master's eyes seemed to penetrate deeply into my mind  


This is Subliminally overt and straight out of the USA, UK, KGB "Mind Control" comics and TV fear-mongering of the 50's and 60's

:: In 1945 and afterward, we tried to contact your race  


This is insanely stupid.

This sounds almost a stupid as "Oh, we rang but you were not at home". Seriously, I mean we LIVE ON this planet, we have NO where else to go.

This master guy states we tried to contact you.

Seriously... WHY not contact us 5,000 years ago and coach humanity on this planet to be more spiritually evolved?

Contact us when we fight with sticks and stones, not when we are in a global war and throwing Nukes at each other. How stupid must these ariani be???


Did they send their UFO's to ALL Governments around the world and land on the lawn of the white house, or outside the parliament house in the UK and many other countries as well etc etc etc ???

NO, a deafening N.O.

THIS would have been a genuine attempt at contacting us (we the people).

Not some throw away line to 1 person who would most probably be locked up for being certified as insane when he returned with such an improbable, impossible and idiotic story.

If these "aliens" or whatever they are really wanted to CONTACT us, they would have taken Byrd to Washington in one of their UFO's or tractor beamed him to Washington and then deposited him on the lawn of the White House.

Imagine this.

Byrd is IN the South Pole 1 minute and 10 minutes later he is on the lawn of the White House accompanied by a fleet of UFO's.

I would recommend that they drop the swastika's first however.

This would be a calling card that NO ONE could miss.

Ya can't get any more of a public invitation than that.

Plus it would do a lot for his story's credibility as well.

Super Sensitive USA

The USA is just out of a war and super sensitive to invasion.

ESPECIALLY by flying things which purportedly had SWASTIKA's painted on them.

And again...

Why would any intelligent race contact or try and contact a country (they would have considered primitive) when it is 1 step down from a war footing ?

I suspect that this sentence was added to collaborate the shooting down of the UFO over LA during the war and would have played on the open consciousness of many people who heard about this event and "covetly" accepted the statement as fact.

Have some fun here at the Google Newspaper Archives Search | ufo search here

Admiral Byrd Diary

:: Dark Ages came and they lasted for more than five hundred years  


Another overt lie.

Try over 1,500 years of barbaric rule by the catholic church, even against each other as in the case of Constantinople v's Rome. From the early 400's up until even the mid-1900's when the catholic church helped many nazis flee to South America via their network of churches using a system called "the RAT LINE".

The Discovery Channel (USA) have done a wonderful documentary on this stain in human history.

Read the religious history of England for more barbarism. The catholic church is responsible for so many other attrocities such as the massacre WITH INTENT to genocide the Cathars, for organizing pogroms against the Jews and other groups etc etc etc etc, but the worst and most disgusting events I have read about come from the spanish.

Christianity - or those who are behind it - allowed many barbaric acts to occur because the perpetrator knew that they could have Penance for Pennies in the churches GET RICH QUICKER Scheme.

Many of the spanish sailors to central america would get drunk and "bet" on how many pieces they could cut Taino natives (especially the children) into before they died or the worst one was where they would train to cut these people into quarters before they hit the ground as reported in some Captains Logs. Then there are historical stories passed down by the Taino which tell of other barbaric acts by the spanish way too disgusting to describe here.

Even to this current day, the catholic church breeds and harbours pedophiles.

For those who do not believe this fact, you should read the book called "The Kidnapping of Edgardo Mortara" which details how the POPE's (of the day) predilection for small Jewish boys asses almost brought down the entire catholic church and for some strange reason, NONE of the cardinals or bishops seemed to disapprove of, nor act against this sodomous relationship.

You Tube - The forbidden book (1 hour) or watch here

ALSO worth reading is WHY the first Crusades from Europe to the "holy land" were formed. Find out WHAT the pope offered those who went and why it was offered.

Watch Part 1 below

Part 2

For those who care, the Turkish Sultan's taste for small white boys also make eye raising reading, especially the history how VLAD the Impaler came to be released from captivity. His younger brother consented to the Sultans sexual advances on condition that his older brother Vlad was released free.

Admiral Byrd Diary  
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