Admiral Byrd Diary

Admiral Byrd Diary


Admiral Byrd Diary - Interesting Footnote

There is a book written by Ivan T Sanderson called "INVISIBLE RESIDENTS - The Reality of Underwater UFO's"

On the bottom of page XV of the introduction (which I highly recommend that you read) there is a description about a UFO emerging from almost 40 feet of SOLID ICE at the South Pole.

Indeed Sanderson starts his book regarding this encounter.

What is most interesting about this "event" is that it occured during "Operation Deep Freeze" which was again;

  • Conducted in the South Pole
  • Involved UFO's and
  • Ret Admiral BYRD was also involved in the operation (see final paragraph here)

Kind of a wierd coincidence Huh ?

This has to put the Kybosh on the North Pole Encounter story as it seems like too much of a coincidence that the US NAVY encountered UFO's on both of its adventures to the South Pole.


The time lines are wrong.

Byrd supposedly wrote some of the diary whilst actually AT the South Pole.

YET on the very first line of this supposed diary he writes the following:

I must write this diary in secrecy and obscurity.  

You would think that a man accredited to being well educated, highly articulate, a scientist (no less) and a high ranking military person used to writing military reports for superiors would NOT have used the PRESENT+FUTURE tense but rather have said, I MUST CONTINUE WRITING THIS DIARY IN... etc.

The way it is worded that "I must write this diary in secrecy and obscurity." implies that he is about to undertake the project as in future tense.

Even the second paragraph implies that he is about to undertake the project as a future endeavour.

Sub Note

The first paragraph is written "olde" style as in bible old or Old English where the date is written LONG style. There is nothing wrong with this except it is more common that the Ninteen and Forty Seven should have technically been written as NINTEEN HUNDRED AND FORTY SEVEN.

No where else do we see this style, it is as if a second (or third) person dictated the opening paragraph.

You would have expected a more perfunctory manner from a high ranking military person, such as: "It concerns my Arctic flight ON FEB 19 1947"

Perhaps he was just flowering up the prose, remember that He wrote 2 books about this expedition in Discovery (1935) and later in Alone (1938). If this was the case, why did he forget to add the word HUNDRED?

With his experience in writing, education level and worldly travel experience, one could safely calculate that BYRD was smart enough to PROOF READ his writings before release?

Admiral Byrd Diary  
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