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Admiral Byrd Diary

Section "Is Earth Hollow" ?

After reading the Byrd Brained Diary, one could very easily dismiss anything else associated with this as being fiction as well, however, such a dismissive person would not have read much regarding other religions and ancient beliefs.

Firstly, let me explain this to you.

Having seen 7 UFO's myself personally, and noticing that all but 1 of these was "car" sized, I have come to believe that these car sized UFO's must have at least several bases on or in this planet.

1. They are way too small to travel "interstella" distances comfortably and whilst I believe that the occupants may be fully capable of doing so in these craft, the word comfort plus other requirements like energy storage may impede such events from actually occuring. This means mother ships as anyone who has seen the NASA footage of the space TETHER which broke off from one of the satellites will understand. or watch below

2. They are way too numerous to have flown here "on spec" just in passing. There are places in the USA where people regularly watch UFO's using night vision googles, where, in many cases, these WATCH nights are held daily (or nightly as the case may be). Check out Ed Grimsley UFO Wars on Coast to Coast with George Noory and Ed Grimsley Secret Space Program Conference 2011. More info available at the website.

3. These "Greys" have large eyes as you would expect from a race of beings who lived underground and in low light.

4. All Grey Alien sightings have been seen only at night. (the boogey man, casper the ghost who is a childlike being who can fly [or be beamed up])

5. When Alexander the Great started to invade India, UFO's suddenly appeared and fired lightening bolts at his army. This is actual recorded history. So where would these ships have come from ? Possibly Mount Kailash in Nepal is supposed to be the home of some local Gods where local legend has many of these gods flying out of the Mountain. So if you add 1+1 you should get 2.

6. Black mountain in Queensland Australia is also a fascinating place. Tens of thousands of boulders, some as big as houses, have been dug up from deep within the earth deposited on top of each other and are completely different from every other hill or mountain around for thousands of miles. Google Earth 15°39'9.52"S 145°13'32.20"E

These have been deposited like ants do around their nest. Coincidently right next to where a recorded approx 50 tons of gold was discovered. Many people have walked into this massive unusual collection of large black rocks, but very few ever walk out.

7. There are dozens of similar looking (black) mountains in South Western Egypt, Western Sudan and Eastern Chad. Some are obviously volcano's, but others are wierdly out of place.

8. Lake Titicaca and many other lakes in Peru and other South American countries have legends right up until this current day which tell of UFO's opening some kind of energy portal and disappearing into the lake(s).

So WHY are these aliens here?

The answer is simple. They mine gold.

Why ?

I do not know. But as as the late, great George Carlin Wiki (YouTube) once said "Why does god need gold ?" "Why does he always need MORE Money ?"

If you think that I am joking at this point, try reading the bible where it clearly says, Haggai 2:8, "The silver is mine, and the gold is mine, saith the Lord of hosts."

I have even managed to get this statement in the original hebrew, for those who are smarter than me and can read this stuff, it says לִי הַכֶּסֶף וְלִי הַזָּהָב נְאם יְהוָה צְבָאוֹת

Why are we here ?

The answer is simple. Guess what we also do ? We mine gold. We covet gold and we store gold.

The "Master" specifically told Byrd that "...lost and legendary treasures, and they will be here, my son, safe in our keeping" - at no time did the master say that they would return the gold and treasures :) Just that they would BE HERE, SAFE IN "OUR" KEEPING. I can only hope that we all get a very big bottle of vasaline in exchange.

Real Mind Control

So how do we know that some of these aliens have another, more sinister agenda ?

The answer is simple. Nick Redfern who writes about the REAL Men In Black (MIB) mentions that people have told him that these "MiB" seem to have metalic sounding voices.

What Nick may not know is that many people who perform "real" excorcisms also report metalic sounding voices (not always, but enough to be concerned about) coming from their subjects.

So here is a question for you.

Would you trust someone who has the education level of a 3 year old to control or even touch a Super Computer ?

The answer is obviously NO.

Yet we all have super computers in out heads and we act like 3 year olds never utilising this massive gift to anywhere near its potential.

So - What has all of this got to do with Hollow Earth Theory ?

The answer is simple.

We are kept divided and controlled (like sheep) by those who control our governments. If people realised that we are not alone in the universe, then we might just stop fighting over clods of dirt and stop pissing on trees.

So we are kept divided, religion, politics, sports, sex, etc etc etc and then theer is DIS-INFORMATION.

We are constantly being fed so much dis-information that we do not know who to trust and it divides us further.

We are capable of so much yet we are kept stupid (plural) and drugged out (the USA consumes over 80% of all anti-depressant medication produced on this planet. Legalised drugs. Over 2 MILLION children UNDER the age of 5 in the USA are on this medication)

UFO's fly around this planet on a daily basis and they must be here for something ?

They have to live somewhere as well, and it is obviously apparent that there are none living in my apartment block. So the only place left to live is underground.

No Hurricanes (Typhones - Cyclones), No Storms, No Floods, No Tsunami's.

Plus, you have central heating, filtered water in abundance, no pogroms and if you build well away from the earthquake zones, you dont have to worry about these much either.

The downside is that you lose all of your hair, become shorter, have dolphin like skin and become impotent. (lack of Vitamin D + lack of sunlight which directly affects male reproduction)

... and the meek shall inherit the earth (no testosterone = meek)


I think that there are TUNNELS underground, just like Miners make today, just much more elaborate and accommodating.

There may be larger tunnels and smaller tunnels, but NO hollow earth. It is just too illogical to have cavernous space underground without some kind of force field energy shield supporting the fallling rocks and the dome.

I am not saying that this is impossible. I believe that it is possible and indeed may actually be present on this planet, it is just that there cannot be NATURAL locations like this as they would have crumbled hundreds of millions of years ago due to the stresses placed on the planet during Polar Rotations (which supposedly occur every 250,000 - 300,000 years on average). This takes into account the fact that the earth is some 6 miles WIDER at the equator due to centrifugal force.

This force would place massive stress on different parts of the earth during Polar Reversals. REMEMBER that NOT ALL Polar Reversals actually reverse. Some North Pole magnetic fields can pop up in the middle of a country near the equator, Australia, the UK, or even Mexico.

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