Admiral Byrd Diary

Admiral Byrd Diary


Admiral Byrd Diary - Most Obvious Error

Most Glaring Error = Omission  

Think about this for 2 minutes.

This is a guy who was a known and respected explorer, used to diarizing events as part of his job description and who experiences a Close Encounter of the Third Kind and somehow he fails to write down (in secret) ALL of the truely amazing events which supposedly unfolded before him.

Even if he did write down the original events and the "Navy" confiscated his original diary, surely he would remember more than a few pages of details given that he now "wants" to somehow get his story "OUT THERE".

So he supposedly writes another diary... but...

Yet the size of the diary is miniscule.

This entire diary could have been hand written within 1 hour or less.

There are massive timeline gaps in his story and SO MANY details seem to be missing.

Over 40 years ago I met a girl while I was travelling around Malaysia.

I can tell you more about "that" encounter over 40 years later than BYRD has done when he visited "aliens".

Yes I can tell you a lot about that girl and the 3 days we were together but I can also tell you this.

There is no way on this little green planet that I can tell you exact Time and Dates.

This means that (IMO) Byrd had to have been copying from the original - in which case I go back to my scantily clad diary story above - or the entire event was concocted by someone else impersonating Byrd.

You cannot remember SO MANY explicit "time" details and yet the diary is only a few pages in length.


Admiral Byrd Diary  
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