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The Master

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Part 2

:: 'Yes, my son,' replied the Master  

This is the best one, most people would miss this obvious, yet subtle reference.

Here Byrd (an Illuminati) is being "annointed" by the master.

My SON, notice the repeats of the word "my son"

:: lost and legendary treasures, and they will be here, my son, safe in our keeping  

Here is a subtle point most people will miss.

Lost and Legendary Treasures from WHEN exactly???

Remember that the South Pole has been "supposedly" covered with ice for millions of years....

So WHO lived there before that time and was capable of accumulating such supposed treasures?

Previous Races

This raises an interesting point about "previous races" who lived on this planet ?

Where is the gold and silver from them ?

Michael Tellinger writes of over 10 million STONE hut bases still existing in Southern Africa and at least 100,000 square miles of TERRACED FARMLAND (something you only do when the normal flat land is used up). He writes of wide ROADS linking these huts and mines which go for tens of miles underground.

This 1.3 meter (4 foot) "human" Foot Print embeded in Granite and being many 10's of millions of years old is kind of hard to fake. See Tellinger video here or this one from the Philippines.

Where is the gold from these guys ?

Then there is the Mayans... Around Nazca (as in the Nazca lines) there are many mines which delve deep into the earth in this populous gold and other mineral rich area.

Where is all of the gold mined from here ?

I Think

I think that this line was put in to attract those who covet greed. Such people tend to focus on the gold and dismiss everything else.

I am sure that these guys will be waiting for us to kill each other off and then come and take the horded gold, silver etc we have stockpiled for themselves, Look Out Fort Knox.

:: You, my son, are to return to the Surface World with this message ... .'  

They send him back with words, no supposedly hi tech gift(s), just words (sounds like pure BS to me)

Byrd could have been on a bender as far as they were concerned or even gassed out or even suffering from Hypoxia.

Hypoxia is a pathological condition in which the body as a whole (generalized hypoxia) or a region of the body (tissue hypoxia) is deprived of adequate oxygen supply. ie: the Brain (commonly) due to fumes or high altitude (low atmospheric oxygen in an old plane).

It has been known to kill many pilots, cause blackouts and hallucinations. It is far more common than the PITOT (pea-toh) tubes icing up by sub-zero pure water at high altitude ahead of a storm surge on Air France A330 airbus Flight 447 which caused the plane to crash.

Byrd could have been at 10,000 or 15,000 feet or higher, his instruments were supposedly playing up (or appeared to from dizzyness) and the land SNOW would be hard to discern if there was snow falling or cloud. This may have been omitted from his report as it would have been obvious that a skilled navigator would have gone to higher ground so that he did not run into mountains etc.

I noticed that MUCH info is given regarding his up and down altitude events going OUT, yet nothing is mentioned on the way home.

NOTE: Byrd had previously suffered from carbon monoxide fumes in a previous visit to Antarctica in 1933-1935. Excerpt next, taken from here:

Byrd returned to Antarctica in 1933-1935. He spent 5 months in solitude at Advance Base, making careful meteorological and auroral observations. This expedition nearly cost him his life when he was stricken by carbon monoxide fumes. Rescued in August 1934, Byrd could not return to Little America II until 2 months later. He wrote about this expedition in Discovery (1935) and later in Alone (1938).

:: then he gestured with a lovely, slender hand a motion of peace  
  • A motion of peace ????? WTF?
  • This sounds innocent yet how would this master know PEACE signs for our time ?
  • and how would Byrd have interpreted them accordingly
  • Indeed, the common 2 finger PEACE sign of today can just as easily mean Fuck OFF if turned around
:: Quickly, we walked back
:: We must now make haste, Admiral,

Surely, IF this was so bloody urgent, why the flop me drop off did the "master" not simply send Byrd back to Washington by UFO ???

  • Much faster
  • much harder to hide
  • much more convincing
  • much harder to explain how he is in the south pole one minute and 20 minutes later, he is in Washington ?????
  • would absolutely prove beyond any doubt that Byrd was telling the truth

For such a wise old geezer, the masta is missing a few candles upstairs when it comes to strategy and intelligence.

:: flugelrads  

Pure nazi crap

:: The engines were idling  

Which suggests to me that they could not have been down there having a pow-wow for very long. Either that or these tractor beams are very clever (and can turn the engine on :)

or, WHY didn't Byrd turn the engines OFF when he departed the plane as any pilot would naturally do ?

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