Admiral Byrd Diary

Admiral Byrd Diary


Admiral Byrd Diary

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Firstly, lets agree that Byrd was AT the South Pole (hence Op HighJump) OK

Lets assume that he was at a base camp called Little America. (I mean, Where else would an American stay ?)

The best I can come up with is between here 74°56'46.35"S 121°58'21.88"W and here 77°31'23.33"S 150°45'38.51"W

How did I come up with these co-ordinates ?

Well, in the movie, they say that the LEFT Flank Naval Task Force is 1,300 miles from the Byrd Group, yet the map they show in the movie does not measure 1,300 miles (Nautical or standard miles, I am not sure) from Byrd to the left side task force. Hence the second set of co-ords above which is closer to the 1,300 miles separating both task forces.

The rest is easy.

He supposedly flew for approx 4 - 5+ hours to get to the mountains. This is good. It fits better than the north pole version.

  • South Pole version = 1
  • North Pole version = 0

So we just need to know if Byrd went to the MAGNETIC South Pole or The TRUE South Pole.

Either way, simply draw a line from anywhere along the co-ords above and Aim at the South Pole.

Overlap the mountains and Somewhere within the Triangle and along the Mountain range you just drew is the answer. Bingo ...

The little varmits must be within the left side of this mountain range somewhere which is approx 1,000 miles from the first map co-ordinates above.

Part 1 | Part 2

Admiral Byrd Diary  
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